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Kimberly Hammers


Grassfield High School • Chesapeake, Virginia

A Bill of Rights Institute Teacher Council member from Chesapeake, Virginia, Kimberly Hammers has been teaching AP U.S. Government and Politics for fifteen years. In a fun nod to her Masters in Political Science, while teaching at Grassfield High School, Kimberly set a Guinness World Record for the “Largest In-Person Politics Lesson.”

Besides that impressive achievement, Kimberly is even more proud of the bonds she has formed with students throughout the years and the fact that they often stay in touch after graduating. These bonds are especially meaningful to Kimberly because they speak to the type of teacher she aspired to be when she first realized that she wanted to become an educator in middle school and the friendship she had with her own social studies teacher.

Given the classes she teaches, it makes sense that Kimberly jokingly considers James Madison her “history boyfriend largely because of the eloquence of the Federalist Paper #10.” In reality, Kimberly credits her husband as being her biggest inspiration and is thankful for the support he shows for her career goals and aspirations. She is also grateful for the “fantastic resources, well written and organized lesson plans, and Educator Hub provided by the Bill of Rights Institute —all of which are critical to [her] instruction in American government.”