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Kay Johnson


D.M. Therrell High School • Atlanta, Georgia

A teacher at D.M. Therrell High School in Atlanta, Georgia, Bill of Rights Institute Teacher Council member Kay Johnson has earned a Masters of Science, Education Specialist Degree, and Doctor of Education Degree on top of her Bachelor of Arts. Reflecting on her twenty-one years in the classroom, some of Kay’s proudest moments include being named Teacher of the Year and being recognized for scholar achievement on state exams.

Kay knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a teacher, largely due to the fact that her parents and many other family members were also teachers. After years of watching them teach and practicing on her dolls, Kay has incorporated the way they made time for each individual student into her own teaching style. Another influence on Kay’s teaching was attending BRI’s Summer Institute last year. She notes how “it was absolutely the best experience” and that she has “utilized many of the teaching strategies that were discussed in group sessions.”

As a U.S. History teacher, Kay is passionate about inspiring a new group of civic participants and cites Kamala Harris and Stacey Abrams as being significant proponents of this. Furthermore, their work is “leading the way to change the narrative for women and minorities,” making them two of Kay’s favorite historical figures.