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Connect with Jonah

Jonah Basi


Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Class of 2022

One of our 2022 My Impact Challenge Honorable Mention winners, Jonah Basi found a way to combine his love of marine life and desire to give back to his community through the My Impact Challenge. The graduating senior at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida stated that the motivation for his project was his “passion for protecting and preserving the natural world.” A passion stemming from a marine biology class, Jonah encourages others to explore their passions as you never know how it might inspire you.

However, Jonah’s interests extend beyond marine biology as he also enjoyed his English, psychology, and history classes throughout high school. His interest in the latter is why he would follow 26th president, Theodore (“Teddy”) Roosevelt if Roosevelt were alive and on social media today. In addition to Jonah’s admiration of Teddy Roosevelt, he credits his mom as being his greatest influence.

When he enters college, Jonah plans to further pursue his desire to protect the natural route through the route of a political science degree which he hopes will enable him to push for environmental legislation.