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Jenna Wright


Atlas Preparatory High School • Colorado Springs, Colorado

Jenna Wright grew up initially wanting to be a veterinarian. But once she learned that entailed more than just playing with puppies all day, she quickly pivoted to Plan B. 

“I set my sights on being a teacher and never looked back,” Wright said. She teaches civics and AP U.S. Government and Politics at Atlas Preparatory School in Colorado Springs, Colo. Wright noted her proudest moment as a teacher occurred when she received the scores for her AP Government students during the first year she taught that course. 

“The scores were excellent and I was so proud of not only what my students had accomplished, but what we had accomplished together,” Wright said. “That group was very special to me and I am still so proud of them.” 

In her classroom, Wright enjoys using the Bill of Rights Institute’s YouTube playlist on AP Government Required Supreme Court Cases. The videosare such a great way for students to get the basics of any of the required cases or to help them review what they already know,” she said. 

Wright’s uncle influenced her love of history and social studies through his 30-year career teaching civics and inspired her to become a teacher. 

“The first time he visited my classroom where I was the teacher and he was now retired is one of my core memories that I will never forget,” Wright said. Although she said she had many favorite historical figures, she settled on former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt as her favorite. 

“She was just such an incredible woman who exemplified servant leadership and living her life for others, and I think that is so powerful, especially for a woman of her time,” Wright said.