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Jeff Ransom


Newton College and Career Academy • Covington, Georgia

Even though Jeff Ransom boasts 23 years of teaching experience, he came into the profession much later than many of his peers.

“I got into law school as an adult but realized that was not where I wanted to be,” said Jeff, who teaches AP Economics and World History at Newton College and Career Academy in Covington, Ga. “So I quit my job and took a year to earn a ‘post-baccalaureate certificate’ to teach. I was in my 30s with two small children.”

Jeff received a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Georgia State University and a Master of Arts in history from Troy State University. He attended the Bill of Rights Institute’s “A View From Mt. Vernon” seminar to study former presidents – including his favorite historical figure, Thomas Jefferson.

“He was so far ahead of his time, and I am in awe of the breadth of his study and inquiry,” said Jeff, who also boasts an adventurous streak. He said he explored “hundreds” of caves and claims to have discovered a few. He also wants to climb Mount Everest and walk the entire Appalachian Trail.

Although Jeff received a couple of awards for his teaching efforts, his proudest moments are when he sees his former students excel.

“A former student opened a restaurant on the square in my town, and I am always so proud of him when I eat there,” Jeff said.