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Jamie Hendi


Linganore High School • Frederick, Maryland

Jamie Hendi’s proudest achievement in her nine years of teaching are the relationships she has built with her students. “I work very hard to develop those relationships and students keep up with me well after graduation,” says Jamie, who currently teaches Government, AP Government, and World War II at Linganore High School in Frederick, Maryland.

“I also love getting students engaged in current events and government,” she adds, “And when students keep up with the news and want to talk about current events with me (and they are passionate about it), I feel like I have made a huge difference for civil engagement.”

Jamie currently serves with twenty other educators on BRI’s teacher advisory council. She notes that people getting to know her are often surprised to learn that she was once an attorney and gave up a lucrative legal career to teach high school. When asked why, she explains, “I wanted to make a difference and I always wanted to teach. It was hard to leave the legal profession but it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

Another inspiration for Jamie’s career shift was her attorney father. “When I told him I wanted to be a lawyer he was so supportive and proud. When I told him I wanted to give up law and become a teacher he didn’t hesitate in telling me to follow my dreams and do what makes me happy. He is my biggest fan.”