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Jaclyn Cohen


West Palm Beach, Florida - Class of 2022

A graduating senior at Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, Florida, Jaclyn Cohen is passionate about the intersection of art and learning. It comes as no surprise then that the 2022 My Impact Challenge Honorable Mention winner is an avid mural painter, and member of the National Art Honor Society. The motivation behind her service project also speaks to this interest as she “was inspired by the potential for art to bring people together, spread joy, and make communities more beautiful.”

When asked who she would consider to be her greatest influence, Jaclyn noted that her “greatest influence is not a single individual, but rather the combination of wonderful relationships that people cultivate daily. [She] is influenced by her peers and their work, by her teachers, her family, and by all the ways people uniquely collaborate, create, and share their work.”

Jaclyn will start at Brown University this fall and will study computer science and visual arts. She is also considering a minor in geology or biology as she seeks to combine all of her skills into a career centered around environmentally friendly technology and design. However, her future plans also include the continuation of her passions, namely her journey as a public artist. Speaking on passions, Jaclyn encourages future My Impact Challenge entrants to “seek ways they can use their passions to better others and the environment.”