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Hailey Bishop


Darien, Illinois - Class of 2024

Part of the My Impact Challenge team that earned second prize, Hailey Bishop, has gotten involved in a number of activities over the past three years at Hinsdale South High School in Darien, Illinois. These include being a part of the volleyball team, outdoor club, and participating in dirt bike riding. In doing these activities, she formed a tight bond with her high school’s Athletic Coordinator Kelly Van Hout who Hailey states is responsible for motivating her to become more civically engaged so as to positively benefit the community.

Beyond athletics, Hailey enjoys her English and history classes; the latter of which led her to answer “a soldier from Vietnam” when posed with the question of which person from history she would follow on social media if they were alive today. She notes that she would be curious to learn about a soldier’s war stories and experiences. Despite this, the most valuable lessons in life she credits her dad with teaching her.