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Erin Ruiz


Pueblo County High School • Pueblo, Colorado

Playing golf can teach you patience, which Erin Ruiz did when she was in college. That patience helped Erin obtain her Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Masters of Arts degrees in Education and U.S. History, which she described as “so much work!” 

While Erin hopes to parlay her amateur golf career into an opportunity to watch the Masters golf tournament in person, she is currently marking 16 years of teaching history and government at Pueblo County High School in Pueblo, Colo. 

Erin previously attended a summer seminar by the Bill of Rights Institute that discussed the executive powers held by the U.S. President, which undoubtedly helped her teach both local and U.S. history, and government. 

That might have tied into Erin’s choice of her favorite historical figure, former president George Washington. 

“I have come to respect him both personally and professionally as I learn more about his life and work,” Erin said.