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Chidubem Nwosu


San Jose, California - Class of 2023

Chidubem Nwosu, one of our 2022 My Impact Challenge Honorable Mention winners, has explored a number of clubs throughout high school and earned leadership positions in many. As she enters her senior year, Chidubem will be the captain of the Speech and Debate team, an assistant athletic trainer, and head of the Period Poverty Project in San Jose. Her interests are equally as extensive, with her favorite class topics spanning from biology to world history.

Chidubem shares the anecdote of “walking into a high school cafeteria and seeing boys playing hide and seek with a tampon” in discussing the motivation behind her project. This instance demonstrated to her “just how stigmatized menstruation is and how it’s embarrassing for high schoolers who menstruate but even more embarrassing for those in period poverty.” As such, her advice to future entrants in the My Impact Challenge is to “use your experiences to fuel your understanding and connection with your project and consider others in a similar position to you with possibly less mobility to improve their situation.”

Her plans for the future consist of attending college after graduating from high school and double majoring in something health-related and something society/politics-related. Additionally, Chidubem hopes to explore minors in comparative literature/journalism or Greek mythology. She also would consider pursuing a master’s degree upon the completion of her undergraduate education.