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Camille Webber


Exeter, New Hampshire - Class of 2025

2022 My Impact Challenge special award winner Camille Webber has been able to get highly involved at Exeter High School in New Hampshire despite just being a sophomore. In just two years she has become a member of the environmental club, joined the Exeter energy committee, and coached Special Olympics, among other things. Her passion for the environment is also apparent in her greatest influences: Pete Buttigieg and Greta Thunberg who Camille notes are “both activists for climate change.” She also credits Thunberg with inspiring her to start her project and hopes to, in turn, inspire even more of the younger generation to get involved.

That said, Camille also acknowledges her teacher as an inspiration to continue with her projects through good times and bad. As such, she would urge future entrants to “always believe in themselves and to dispel any doubt they may feel” and cites winning this award through the My Impact Challenge as proof that “you can do great things.”

Camille’s desire to follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned activists has led her to try and pursue a career as a lawyer with the long-term goal of running for political office. In addition to Buttigieg and Thunberg, Camille admires historical women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony for her focus on equality, respect, and community.