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Caitlyn Beebe


Baton Rouge, Louisiana • Class of 2022

Caitlyn Beebe, one of the runner-up winners of our 2021 We the Students Essay Contest, hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. A rising senior, Caitlyn attends Trivaio Academy, a homeschool program, plays on a basketball team, and also enjoys playing piano and violin. She enjoys taking classes in philosophy, literature, and Latin.

As a future voter, the most important issues to Caitlyn are, “the sanctity of human life, the preservation of religious liberties, and the foundational role of objective truth and morality in the political process.”

The person from history she would most want to follow if he were alive today is Ronald Reagan, and Caitlyn’s greatest influence is her mom. “She always encourages me to do my best,” says Caitlyn, “and to set high goals.”

As far as future plans, Caitlyn hopes to become a lawyer someday, specializing in government policy and/or Constitutional Law. “I also plan to write a few books and maybe start a blog someday.”