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Brittany Marrs

Magnolia High School • Magnolia, Texas

Brittany Marrs draws inspiration from two women in her professional career – the former Queen of France, Eleanor of Aquitaine, and her own mother.

“My Mom spends all her free time devoting herself to bettering her community,” said Brittany, who teaches government and economics at Magnolia High School in Magnolia, Texas. “She belongs to many community improvement organizations.”

Brittany added that she appreciates all the contributions Eleanor of Aquitaine made towards women’s rights during her reign when women were viewed as property. She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Political Science and plans to pursue her Ph.D. while continuing to use the lesson plans and videos from the Bill of Rights Institute to teach her students.

Brittany discovered her passion for teaching while attending law school, she said, and added, “anytime I hear from a student that I have made a difference in their life, that is my proudest moment.”