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Bridget Kaiser-Munday


St. Henry District High School • Erlanger, Kentucky

Since Bridget Kaiser-Munday and her students enjoy participating in the Bill of Rights Institute’s Think The Vote debate platform, it’s no surprise that Kaiser-Munday put attending the State of the Union address on her bucket list.

“I love watching [students] come up with their own theories and thoughts and be able to express them,” Munday said of Think The Vote. “The world is telling us what we should believe, and I think it is so refreshing to watch them come up with their own thoughts and ideas.”

Munday also finds BRI’s videos related to AP Government classes on U.S. Supreme Court cases and documents very helpful to her teaching of AP Geography, World History, and Government and Politics at St. Henry District High School in Erlanger, Ky.

Munday holds bachelor’s degrees in history, theology, and political science, as well as master’s degrees in history and secondary social studies education. She is also a proud native of Cincinnati, Ohio, which is why one of her favorite historical figures is fellow Cincinnati native and former President William Howard Taft. Munday noted Taft’s service in all three branches of government.

“I also have studied a lot of European history for my Master’s degrees, and I love studying Padraig Pearce and Eamon de Valera in Irish history for their vision of revolution and the fervor they felt,” Munday said.

Munday also cited her great-aunt as a significant influence because “I didn’t know [she] wanted to be a teacher and came from Ireland with that dream,” she said. “She never was able to accomplish it, but I feel like she’d be proud of me.”

“When I was in high school, I realized that I loved to learn,” Munday added. “I loved the process of learning. I also loved that my teachers I admired also loved to learn. If I could do that and make an impact on others, that would be the perfect job for me.”