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Beth Feest


Christian Life School • Kenosha, Wisconsin

Beth Feest’s first experience with BRI was as an attendee of the 2013 Summer Institute. In her words, “it was a life-changing experience,” and it made her a huge fan of anything produced by BRI since then. She appreciates the staff’s enthusiasm and knowledge and says that the quality of the resources produced is “top-notch.”

Beth teaches U.S. History, AP U.S. History, AP European History, and Financial Literacy at Christian Life School in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and is currently a member of BRI’s Teacher Council. In addition, she was recognized by a local VFW post with the Veterans of Foreign Wars’ National Citizenship Education Teacher Post Recognition Award in 2017 and won the Holocaust Educator Award from the Milwaukee Jewish Community Council in 2018.

She has been teaching for 29 years and credits her college professor, Dr. Fred Smith, for helping her figure out that she wanted to be an educator. She changed her major second during the second semester of her junior year and still graduated on time! For continued inspiration, she looks up to Major Dick Winters, a WWII veteran and leader of Easy Company in the 2nd Battalion, 506th Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division. She says, “I love his attitude and ability to lead in very tough situations. His motto of “follow me” in combat was/is so inspiring and the type of leader that I want to be.