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Ashley Grant


Greene County Middle School • Snow Hill, North Carolina

Ashley Grant’s teaching journey began when she was young and taught her Barbie dolls.

After spending her middle school and high school years as a cheerleader, she attended Campbell University in North Carolina. She received her bachelor’s degree in history and a Master of Education degree in social studies secondary education. Grant currently teaches social studies at Greene County Middle School in Snow Hill, NC.

Grant is also a Worldview Scholar from the University of North Carolina. She feels most proud of being a teacher when her former students visit and tell her how she positively impacted their lives. She also mentioned how she can easily adapt resources from the Bill of Rights Institute in her classroom.

“I can scaffold up or down based on the levels of my kids,” Grant said.

Grant hopes to visit Ireland and the First Amendment Museum in Augusta, ME, one day and said her favorite historical figure is Richard Kirkland – a Confederate soldier known as “The Angel of Marye’s Heights” for his actions during the Civil War.

“In the middle of war, he never lost his humanity,” Grant said. “It takes someone who is truly brave [and] truly good to save those who others called the enemy. He was a true man of honor.”