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Ariana Maria Perez


Fullerton, California • Class of 2024

Ariana Maria Perez, one of our recent Think the Vote debate winners, is a young woman who is optimistic about her future. “The future looks bright to me,” says Ariana, “Sometimes I think of working for NASA, other times I think of being a scientist studying chemistry or a doctor studying anatomy. I am also interested in law and government, so maybe I will go to law school.”

Ariana is a sophomore at Troy High School in Fullerton, California, where her favorite classes are English and History. She is on the girl’s golf team, participates in Mock Trial, LEO Club, WOW Club, NJROTC, and orchestra. In her free time, she also enjoys watching 80’s movies with her cat, Kiki, listening to music, and volunteering at her church.

As a future voter, budget, homeland security, and social programs are three of the most important issues for Ariana. Her favorite books are Animal Farm, Of Mice and Men, Fahrenheit 451, Grapes of Wrath, and The Great Gatsby, and her favorite movies are Legally Blonde, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and most Marvel or DC comic book movies.

Travel is definitely in Ariana’s future, too. “I hope to learn to speak both Spanish and French,” she says, “to help me to appreciate and enjoy other countries’ cultures and histories while I travel.”