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Anton Akroush


Sterling Heights, Michigan - Class of 2024

Anton Akroush, a rising junior and 2022 We the Students Honorable Mention winner from Sterling Heights, Michigan, is actively involved in numerous sports at his high school. In addition to playing for the school’s basketball team, he runs track and field as well as cross country. Anton particularly enjoys his math, history, and English classes and is already preparing to further his interests in some of these subjects when in college.

Delving deeper into his historical interests, Anton stated his admiration for Thomas Jefferson, who he would be sure to follow on social media if Jefferson were alive and on social media today. In the midst of his extracurriculars and school interests, Anton cites his parents as his greatest influence and support system.

As a future voter, the three issues that Anton is especially concerned with include the protection of religious liberties and free speech, as well as focusing more on infrastructural growth.

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