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Alisha Sanders


Gettysburg Area Middle School • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Alisha Sanders was very young when she knew she wanted to become a teacher. In first grade, I completed a ‘Getting to Know You’ worksheet on which I wrote [that] my goal was to become a teacher,” Alisha remembers. “I was reminded of this when I reached a crossroads on my career path and decided to get certified to teach while working full-time and raising young children.”

A member of BRI’s 2021-2022 teacher advisory council, Alisha has been teaching for twelve years and currently teaches civics and government at Gettysburg Area Middle School in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. She has a B.A. in Government and an M.Ed., and her proudest achievement is receiving an award from United Way for helping to develop a service-learning initiative at her school.

Alisha says that some of her favorite BRI resources to use are the primary sources. “They can be linked to articles that are easy to access for online learners,” she points out, “and they help students make connections between the civics content and real-world events.”

When asked who her favorite historical figure is, Alisha replies, “Barack Obama because of his profound courage and strength in the face of extreme adversity…It is quite challenging to be the first at anything, but it takes an even deeper level of courage to remain faithful and committed to your goals and the changes you wish to see.”

On a personal level, however, her mother, Alisha says, has influenced her the most. “She always had faith in me and believed in me more than I believed in myself.”