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The New Deal

Founders,Fourteenth Amendment,liberty,Bill of Rights,due process,limited government,tyrannical,equality

The New Deal Activity: The New Deal Programs

Have students read Handout A: Franklin D. Roosevelt Fireside Chat “Outlining the New Deal Program” and answer the questions that follow. Distribute Handout B: New Deal Programs. Have students choose one of the following New Deal programs and create a presentation. They should explain the provisions of the program, which branch of the government would administer the program, and the intended length of the program.

  • Agricultural Adjustment Act
  • Civilian Conservation Corps
  • Federal Communications Act
  • Federal Emergency Relief Administration
  • Indian Reorganization Act
  • National Labor Relations (Wagner) Act
  • National Industrial Recovery Act
  • Public Works Administration
  • Social Security Act
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Works Progress Administration

The New Deal Activity: Roosevelt and the Supreme Court

Have students read Handout C: Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Press Conference about the Composition of the Supreme Court, February 5, 1937 and Handout D: Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Fireside Chat “On the Reorganization of the Judiciary” and answer the questions that follow.

Hold a debate about the reorganization of the judiciary. Divide the class into two groups: One group will represent those who supported reorganizing the judiciary and the other group will represent those who disagreed with reorganizing the judiciary. Each of the two sides should research their respective arguments including:

  • Constitutional provisions that affirm their arguments.
  • Constitutional principles that affirm their arguments.
  • The historical context of the arguments.