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The Bill of Rights – Docs of Freedom

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The Bill of Rights Activity: State-by-State Ratification Summary

Using Handout A: State-by-State Ratification Summary, discuss the ratification of the Constitution and the proposed amendments by state. Discuss students’ thoughts on what amendments might have been proposed by the states and why.

The Bill of Rights Activity: Excerpts, Madison’s Speech in Congress on Amendments

Have students read Handout B: Excerpts, Madison’s Speech in Congress on Amendments to the Constitution June 8, 1789 which provides a list of the amendments that Madison recommended to the House of Representatives in the First Congress and table that students can use to compare Madison’s list with the amendments recommended by the House of Representatives (Handout C), the Senate (Handout D), and the final Bill of Rights of the United States (Handout E).

As an extension or homework option, have students read Handout F: The Story of Amendment 27, 1992.

Student Handouts