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Republican Government

  • checks and balances
  • liberty
  • consent of the governed
  • due process
  • Benjamin Franklin
  • democracy
  • natural rights
  • virtue
  • James Madison
  • John Locke
  • Constitution
  • Bill of Rights
  • tyranny
  • justice
  • republic
  • arbitrary
  • Electoral College
  • judicial review
  • separation of powers
  • popular sovereignty
  • republican government
  • Founders

Republican Government Activity: Constitutional Principle Viewing Guide

Have the students watch the Constitutional Principle Video on Republican Government. Students should complete Handout A: Republican Government Video Viewing Guide as they watch.


Republican Government Activity: Federalist No. 51

Students will read Handout B: Federalist No. 51 and review the United States Constitution. They will write a brief essay explaining how the Constitution promotes republican (or representative) government and why republican government was an important principle to the Founders.

Student Handouts

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