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Wisconsin v. Yoder (1972) Viewing Guide

Access our Homework Help video on the landmark Supreme Court case Wisconsin v. Yoder and use our viewing guide below to follow along!

Overview: How should the United States balance religious liberty with the interests of the community? In 1972, the Supreme Court released a landmark decision in a case concerning a Wisconsin compulsory education law and whether it violated the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.

  1. What did the Supreme Court rule in the case of Cantwell v. Connecticut?
  2. Why were Jonas Yoder and the other Amish parents fined by the state of Wisconsin?
  3. Why did the Amish families argue their children did not need to attend school until the age of 16?
  4. How did Wisconsin defend its compulsory education law?
  5. Describe the Supreme Court’s decision in your own words.
  6. In recent decades, what other issues has the Supreme Court ruled on regarding the free exercise of religious liberty?

Access the answer key to this viewing guide here.

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