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Supreme Court Roundup 2019-2020

In the past eight months, the Supreme Court has heard and ruled on a number of important cases. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the highest court has adapted to continue hearing and deciding on cases remotely. From cases on faithless electors to unanimous jury verdicts to President Trump’s tax returns, the Supreme Court has had a busy schedule. In this eLesson, students will analyze Supreme Court rulings from the past school year as well as determine how they think the high court should rule in upcoming cases.


Select 1 case from the “finished cases” list and 1 case from the “pending cases” list. Then answer the following questions.

Finished Cases

Ramos v. Louisiana

Hernandez v. Mesa

Kahler v. Kansas

Kansas v. Glover

Pending Cases

Bostock v. Clayton County

Chiafalo v. Washington

Trump v. Mazars USA, LLP

Espinoza v. Department of Montana Revenue

Finished Cases Questions

  • What was the question argued in the case?
  • What was the Supreme Court’s decision regarding the case?
  • Which Supreme Court justice wrote the majority or unanimous opinion? Which justice wrote the dissenting opinion, if any? Which justice wrote the concurring opinion, if any?
  • Do you agree with the court’s decision? Explain your answer.
  • Do you believe the Supreme Court has fulfilled its constitutional duty in upholding this year’s decisions? Why or why not?

Pending Cases Questions

  • What is the question argued in the case?
  • What are the arguments you expect to see presented?
  • How do you expect the Court to rule? Why?
  • What precedents might they draw upon?
  • How would you rule if you were on the Supreme Court? Why?
  • Do you think it matters if the Supreme Court hears cases remotely? Why or why not?

Extension Activity:

Looking for a lesson on the Electoral College Supreme Court cases? Check out our eLesson on Chiafalo v. Washington here.