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Fall 2019 eLesson Wrap-up

It has been a busy fall at the Bill of Rights Institute! Ranging in topics from the colonial era to present day current events, our eLessons have covered a lot of ground. Take a look below to explore all the ones we published this semester.

Back to School 2019: What was BRI up to this past summer? Check out all of the material that we developed and see what will be a good fit for your classroom!

E Pluribus Unum: This eLesson explores federalism, separation of powers, and majority rule/minority rights in order to better understand the words on the U.S. seal, E Pluribus Unum. In case you missed it, be sure to also check out our Constitution Day video on E Pluribus Unum.

Early English Colonial Political Institutions and Events: How did the American colonists experience self-government in ways that helped shape the constitutional ideals of the Founding Era? This eLesson features primary sources that help students address this question.

Impeachment Proceedings: Our October eLesson on the meaning and history of impeachment is still just as timely for use in your classroom!

Washington’s Neutrality Proclamation: Does the Constitution give the president or Congress the authority to declare neutrality? This eLesson explores a major constitutional debate that occurred during George Washington’s presidency in the field of foreign policy.

Ramos v. Louisiana: Do individuals accused of a crime need to be convicted by a unanimous jury at the state level? Our eLesson analyzes a Supreme Court case that is awaiting a decision. Are you looking for ways to implement current events on constitutional topics like citizen juries into your classroom? Be sure to check out our current events page here!

Rejecting the Founding: Assessing John C. Calhoun’s “Positive Good” Argument for Slavery: This eLesson explores the philosophy behind John Calhoun’s defense of slavery and assesses whether his arguments align with the principles of the Declaration of Independence.

Federalism: Why is federalism important in a constitutional republic? This eLesson assesses this important principle and the role it plays in our government. Be sure to stay tuned on January 16th for the first eLesson of 2020! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Thank you for all you do.