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Constitution Day Viewer’s Guide

Want to learn more about E pluribus unum and how our Constitutional system balances interests? Tune in to YouTube live on Constitution Day, September 17 as Bill of Rights Institute hosts Kirk Higgins and Gary Colletti and several experts conduct an in-depth exploration of our Constitutional system. Be sure to register for this free event in order to receive updates. To help follow along, you can use the following questions as a viewer’s guide:


As you watch the Bill of Rights Institute live stream on Constitution Day, the discussion will revolve around some key ideas.  Depending on when you tune in, you may see these interviews and discussions in different order or if you feel like you missed a topic being discussed. . . not to worry! They can be answered in any order.

  • Based on the discussions what is the purpose of the Constitution?
  • From the interviews with Nicholas Cole (Oxford / the Quill Project) According to the speakers, how is the Constitution a product of compromise?
  • From the interviews with Julie Silverbrook (ConSource) What did the British colonists in North America have in common and how did they differ?
  • How do Julie’s and Nicholas’ descriptions of compromise compare?
  • From the interviews with David Bobb (Bill of Rights Institute) To what extent does the constitutional system help to maintain pluralism?
  • From the interviews with Montse Alvarado and Mark Rienzi (Becket Fund) How does the Constitution help to protect individual rights?
  • What is your role in our Constitutional system?
  • Why do you think compromise is important in a system of self-government?
  • How complete’ is the Constitution?
  • What does E pluribus unum mean to you?