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Virtue in Action – August Landmesser’s Courageous Refusal

Think about your daily life. Have you ever felt pressure to go along with something you knew was wrong because everyone else was doing it? For the next month, make an effort to resist the temptation to go along with unjust practices. Remember, this does not mean you should refuse to conform for the sake of nonconformity. It does not mean refusing to obey a rule you find simply annoying. Actions you might take:

  • Refuse to go along when a group of friends makes plans to do something you know is wrong. Encourage them not to do it, and if a real threat of harm exists, inform the right people.
  • Refuse to tease or bully others or to stand by if others do. Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.
  • Refuse to perpetuate divisions in your school. Try sitting with different people at lunch. Make room for different people to sit with you at school-related events.
  • Refuse the temptation to judge others on the basis of superficial criteria. Make an effort to get to know others who are not like you before you judge them.