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The Importance of an Executive’s Character with Lara Brown & Major Garrett Viewing Guide

  1. What two ideas interested Lara Brown in the Presidency?
  2. What inspired Major Garrett to be interested in the government?
  3. What does Lara say the details of the presidency were intended to do?
  4. Major says Presidents _______ and Congress ________
  5. What does Question 4’s phrase mean?
  6. How does Lara say Washington portrayed his service in the military while president?
  7. Major’s statement “Stroke of the pen, law of the land” was in reference to what?
  8. In your own words, what is a mandate?
  9. What year of the presidency do Major and Lara say is highly significant?
  10. Major notes that presidents now have a role in consoling the nation in times of crisis. In your own words, describe what that means.

Answer Key

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