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The Boston Tea Party and Resistance to British Rule Graphic Organizer

Directions: Have students fill out the graphic organizer and answer the analysis questions while looking at the three political cartoons. 

Handout B: “Bostonians in Distress”(1774) 

Handout C: “The Bostonians Paying the Excise Man” (1774) 


Cartoon Title  What do I see? How does the cartoon relate to the Boston Tea Party and the British response to it?  Is the illustrator supportive of the Boston Tea Party and colonial opposition to British tax policy? Or is he sympathetic to the British? 
“Bostonians in Distress” (1774) 




“The Bostonians Paying the Excise Man” (1774) 





Analysis Questions: 

  1. Based off your understanding of the leadup to the Boston Tea Party, do you believe the colonists were justified in throwing the tea into the harbor? Explain your answer. 
  2. Do you believe the British were justified in the measures they took after the Boston Tea Party? Explain your answer. 
  3. The colonists who took part in the Boston Tea Party were careful to avoid destroying any private property outside of the tea—some stories say they even replaced a padlock that needed to be broken. Why do you think they did this? How does this demonstrate the virtues of moderation and respect?