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Schechter Brothers Virtue in Action Handout

  • I can identify beliefs that are important to me and explain how I can stay true to these beliefs when I am challenged.

Essential Vocabulary

integrity To tell the truth, expose untruths, and keep one’s promises.


The Schechter brothers’ story is an example of how staying true to one’s beliefs and promises can come at a cost. Even though their story is a dramatic example of integrity that went all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, acting with integrity can take place on a much smaller scale in our everyday lives.

What beliefs are very important to you? In other words, what truths or principles do you think are foundational? Brainstorm a few ideas.


Choose one item from your brainstorm above to focus on. Star or circle this idea.

Think of a way in which this belief or principle might be challenged. How can you remind yourself to stay true to this belief and act with integrity? How can you remind yourself to act in accordance with their belief when it is challenging?