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Scarcity Video and Viewing Guide

How does cooperation solve problems?

Scarcity: When the demand for a product or resource is higher than its availability

Scarcity is less prevalent than it was generations before – but why?

Instead of relying on theft or violence to get what we need, we have more incentives to cooperate.

Successful societies have adopted regulations that make cooperation more rewarding than conflict.

The global economy relies on different companies, countries, individuals, and organizations all working together to exchange goods and meet needs – even if they don’t know it.


  1. In your own words, what is scarcity? List a few of the negative impacts of scarcity.
  2. Think of the last thing you bought? List the people who made your purchase possible (e.g., manufacturers, salespeople, delivery workers).
  3. How have world governments helped make cooperation more rewarding than stealing?