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Prosperity Video and Viewing Guide

Is it more than money?

Prosperity isn’t just about money – it’s about living a fulfilling life. Prosperity can include:

  • What you own
  • What you do with your free time
  • The freedom to make your own decisions
  • Your environment
  • Opportunities available to you
  • Your relationships with others
  • How others treat you
  • Your health and wellness

Today, prosperity is more achievable for more people than ever before, but there is still room for progress.

To continue increasing prosperity in the world, we need policies and systems that support freedom, fairness, and success for all.


  1. Based on the video, what does prosperity mean to you?
  2. What else makes for a prosperous life?
  3. Did the video change the way you think about prosperity? If so, how?
  4. What questions do you have about prosperity or related topics after watching this video?
  5. What kind of government and economic policies do you think helps people to be prosperous?