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Huey Long and Immoderation Virtue in Action Plan

  • I can make a plan to ensure what I am passionate about will serve the greater good.  
  • I can reflect on how to avoid or overcome acting immoderately in pursuing my passions.

Directions: Acting with moderation requires us to be vigilant about our thoughts and actions, and to guard against immoderation, especially when it comes to things we are passionate about. 

Follow the prompts below to create an action plan to guard against immoderation in something you are passionate about. An example of a passion for soccer has been provided throughout the plan as an example.

What are three things you are passionate about? 

  • Example: Playing soccer  


Choose one of your thoughts from your brainstorm above. 

Next, think about how pursuing this passion serves you. In other words, does it make you happy? Proud? Feel accomplished? 

  • Example: Proud of making the varsity team, keeps me healthy/strong, get to spend time with teammates and friends 


How does pursuing this passion serve others? 

  • Example: Doing well as a team reflects well on our school  


How could pursuing this passion immoderately no longer serve you? 

  • Example: Using soccer as an excuse not to do homework  

How could pursuing this passion immoderately not serve others? 

  • Example: Becoming arrogant because I’m a team captain 

Based on what you brainstormed above, write down one specific and actionable behavior you can do to guard against immoderation when it comes to your personal passion(s). 

On a scale of 1 (easy) to 10 (hard), how difficult do you think it will be to implement this plan? Explain.  


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