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Handout J: Civic Values Glossary

Beseech: To beseech is to make an urgent request

Bombast: Bragging or trash talk

Conceived: Formed an idea

Courage: The ability to face fear or danger

Dastardly: Cowardly

Deception: Misleading information

Denunciation: Saying something is bad or wrong

Devotion: Strong affection

Elimination: Destruction

Embark: To begin

Embodied: Embodied means made real

Honor: Having good character and acting honestly

Hypocrisy: The pretense of believing something that one does not actually believe

Impiety: Lack of respect or religiousness

Impudence: Lack of respect

Infamy: A state of extreme dishonor

Initiative: The power, energy, or ability to organize or accomplish something

Justice: Upholding what is fair, just, and right

Liberty: Except where authorized by citizens through the Constitution, government does not have the authority to limit freedom.

Moderation: Avoiding excesses or extremes

Mourning: Actions or feelings that express great sadness

Oppressed: Treated in a cruel, unfair way

Perish: To die or be destroyed

Perseverance: To continue in a task or course of action or hold to a belief or commitment.

Proposition: A suggested plan of action

Resolve: To make a decision

Resourcefulness: Being capable of dealing with difficult situations quickly and imaginatively

Respect: Honor or admiration of someone or something

Responsibility: Having good judgment about what is right or wrong, or being able to be trusted by other people

Sham: Something that is not true or genuine

Solemnity: Seriousness

Striven: Tried or worked hard

Tyranny: Abuse of power in a cruel way