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Handout F: Interviewing the Experts

This handout and your interview notes are to be placed in your Community Project portfolio. Copy this form as needed or follow the format here using your own paper. You may include extra paper as needed in order to evaluate your project implementation. Just be sure to mark each page with the appropriate Handout label.

Interview Checklist

Do some advance research to learn some basic information about the interviewee and his/her contributions to the community.


During the interview, take opportunities to ask,

  • “Tell me more about…”
  • “Whom else should I interview?”
  • “What is the single best source of information about this issue and its effects on our community?”
  • “What solutions have been tried before and to what extent were those solutions effective?”
  • “What advice do you have for people who want to help solve this challenge?”

Immediately after the interview, capture what you learned by writing an analysis of the interview and how it applies to your project, along with any further leads on which you will act