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Handout E: Identifying the Stakeholders

This handout is to be placed in your Community Project portfolio. You may include extra paper as needed in order to evaluate your project implementation. Just be sure to mark each page with the appropriate Handout label.

Stakeholders are people who have a direct interest in your project and are likely to be affected by your work. Core stakeholders are the people you plan to help and those people and groups who are already working to help those individuals. Core stakeholders have knowledge that you need and are likely to be able to help you refine and carry out your plan. Extended stakeholders are those who are likely to be interested in the work and to be less directly affected by your project. They may also have useful knowledge for you.

Schedule conversations with the core stakeholders and take notes on your own paper to record your interview and what you learn.


In making your appointments, be sure to clearly state your name, school, and teacher’s name. Give a clear, concise statement of your objectives in the project as a whole and for this specific interview. To be well-prepared for these appointment-making conversations, fill in the following and get your teacher’s initials indicating when you and your teacher had a conversation to prepare for making the appointments.