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Handout D: Capstone Project Website Outline


After investigating these questions, you will analyze your results. Finally, you will plan, create, and market a website or local education event that increases awareness of the history of women in politics and the importance of civic virtue. Adapt this framework as needed to plan a local education event if desired in place of a website. Be sure to document all stages of your work through photos, videos, screenshots, etc.

Your website or local education event should adhere to MLA guidelines and provide appropriate source attribution for all content. It should include pages/sections with information on the following:

  1. History of Women’s Suffrage in the U.S. (inspired by lessons in Votes for Women: The Story of the Nineteenth Amendment and described below)
    • Rights, Equality, and Citizenship
    • Women in Early America (1600-1800)
    • A Movement Arises (1800-1860)
    • Shall Women Have the Right to Vote? (1866-1890)
    • The Movement Unites (1890-1920)
    • Women in the Political World Today
  2. The history of women’s participation in your local community (inspired by your own research)
  3. Your family history and women’s suffrage (optional)
  4. The importance of civic virtue (inspired by your own research)