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Handout C: Dinner Conversation

Dinner Conversation

Directions: Read the scenario below and then answer the following questions during your “dinner party.”

It is the summer of 1801. John Adams has left office and Thomas Jefferson is the new President of the United States. You have just arrived at a dinner party. You have to admit you might not have accepted the invitation if you had known who else was going to be there. You hope it is not going to be an awkward night. Then again, maybe it will be a good time to explain some decisions you have made, and even get some things off your chest.

Your identity:

  1. Write down one question you have for each person at dinner with you.
  2. Write down the most important question you were asked at dinner, and your response.
  3. In the space below, compose a “toast” to President Adams, or a few sentences “roasting” him.