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Handout B: Sorting Arguments


Read the arguments and then place their number in the correct part of the Venn Diagram. (Note: some of these are direct quotes while others simply summarize a point of view.)

  1. We would have to convince all the state legislatures to give women the vote if we work through the states, but a constitutional amendment will require only three-fourths of the states to approve.
  2. A constitutional amendment will provide more security for the future.
  3. African Americans got their right to vote protected in the U.S. Constitution, and so should women.
  4. The Constitution leaves voting laws to the states, so the states are where we should focus our efforts.
  5. The states are very different. Working at the state level will allow us to persuade each state in ways that resonate with them and their concerns.
  6. “The time has come to cease talking to women and invade town meetings and caucuses.” -Carrie Chapman Catt
  7. “Some of you hold to the doctrine of states’ rights as applying to women’s suffrage. Adherence to that theory will keep the United States far behind all other democratic nations upon this question.” – Carrie Chapman Catt
  8. “Why not put the amendment through Congress and the legislatures? We shall all be better friends, we shall have a happier nation, we women will be free to support loyally the party of our choice, and we shall be far prouder of our history.” -Carrie Chapman Catt