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Handout B: Name that President (War in the Early Republic)

Name that President


  1. I issued a “neutrality proclamation” declaring the US neutral in the war between England and France.
  2. During my term, Congress was paying twenty percent of the US’s annual revenue to the Barbary pirates.
  3. I avoided a war with France that seemed inescapable.
  4. I relied mainly on diplomacy in dealing with foreign conflicts.
  5. I put an end to a traditional practice that had gone on for hundreds of years: paying off the Barbary pirates.
  6. I thought it was very important for the US to avoid foreign entanglements.
  7. I asked for and received the US’s first declaration of war.
  8. I declared victory against a foreign enemy.


  1. I did something unconstitutional.
  2. I had the hardest job of the first four Presidents.
  3. I made the best decisions as Commander In Chief.
  4. I made the worst decisions as Commander in Chief.