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Handout B: Clarifying Civic Virtue

Handout B: Clarifying Civic Virtue

Questions #1 and 2 are also on Handout A.

1. Having done further reading, and discussing the topic, what do you now believe “civic virtue” means?

2a. Compare your response to Question #1 to your response to the same question on Handout A. Did your response change at all after having read the article and participated in the discussion?

2b. If you did revise your answer: What, in the reading and discussion, caused you to revise your response?

2c. If you did not revise your answer: Why did you not change your response?

2d. Even if you did not change your response, what points (in the reading, the discussion, or both) did you find compelling and worth considering?

3. What is the relationship between civic virtue and the constitutional republic that the U.S. Founders created?

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