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Handout B: Assembly and Petition True/False Challenge / Cut-Out: Assembly and Petition True/False Challenge

Directions: Read each statement below and determine whether you believe it is true or false. Explain your reasoning.

  1. My right to meet with others to discuss political ideas is protected by the First Amendment.
  2. I have a First Amendment right to write a letter expressing my views, gather signatures on it to show that others agree, and then send the letter to my government leaders.
  3. I have the right to hold a protest in the food court of a mall, so long as no shoppers complain.
  4. I have the right to hold a protest with a group of others on the sidewalk of a public street next to the mall, even if it annoys those passing by.
  5. I can hold a protest at or near my school, even if my goal is to disrupt classes.
  6. The government can stop people from demonstrating if others might find the ideas of the demonstration unpopular or offensive.
  7. At midnight in a residential neighborhood, I can hold a protest about the town’s skateboarding policy.
  8. If I’m protesting in a public park, I still must follow all of the rules of the park that apply to all who visit it (trash, noise, posted hours of operation, etc.)
  9. If I support a ballot measure, or just want some extra money, I can go to work for a political action committee to circulate petitions in support of the measure.
  10. The family of a fallen service member can sue me for pain and suffering caused by my offensive protest near the funeral of their loved one.