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Handout B: A Total Ban on Handguns?

Directions: Read each statement and decide whether you think such a regulation would be constitutional (C) or unconstitutional (U). Remember that your task is to decide the constitutionality of each law—not to decide whether it is a good idea or bad idea.

  1. All types of firearms are legally available for purchase.
  2. Individuals can buy many kinds of firearms, but not some of the most dangerous, like AK-47s.
  3. Individuals can buy handguns. They can only buy one per month, however. Handguns must be registered.
  4. Most individuals can legally buy handguns. Convicted felons cannot.
  5. Some individuals can legally buy handguns. Convicted felons, those accused of domestic violence, and people who have ever been diagnosed as mentally ill cannot buy them.
  6. Some individuals can buy handguns. Protestants may buy them, while Catholics may not.
  7. Individuals can own handguns, but they must be kept unloaded in a person’s home.
  8. No one may own handguns.