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Handout A: Rights Attitude Inventory

Directions: Decide how much you value each of the following rights – very important, somewhat important, or not important.

  • Freedom of speech
    • The right to express your ideas freely.
  • Freedom of religion
    • The right to practice your own religion freely.
  • Right to a jury trial
    • The right to a fair trial judged by a jury of fellow citizens.
  • Freedom of the press
    • The right to print and distribute writing and news freely.
  • Freedom from cruel and unusual punishments
    • The government may not punish criminals in cruel or unusual ways.
  • Right to keep and bear arms
    • The right to own and use weapons
  • Right to control your own property
  • Freedom of assembly
    • The right to gather peacefully with others and to protest.
  • Freedom from quartering troops in your home
    • The government cannot make citizens let military troops stay in their homes.
  • Freedom from unreasonable search and seizures
    • The government cannot search or take citizens’ property without good reason or without following the law.