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Grappling with the Government’s Place in Society with U.S. Senator for Nebraska, Ben Sasse Viewing Guide

  1. What state does Senator Sasse represent?
  2. Who did Senator Sasse say hires and fires the legislature?
  3. According to Senator Sasse, what is the job of the senate?
  4. What did Senator Sasse say is the challenge of having cameras in every room?
  5. What does Senator Sasse say committees were designed to do?
  6. What are two ways Senator Sasse states that the senate has evolved since the Founding?
  7. Why does Senator Sasse say that judges wear robes?
  8. Why does Senator Sasse think it is a problem for people to make being a legislator their career?
  9. What are the Senator’s touchstones for making decisions? Name at least three.
  10. Senator Sasse stated that state and local governments are the _____ of Democracy.

Answer Key