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Graphic Organizer: Primary Sources in Lesson 1, Plainest Demands of Justice

How did the principles of the Declaration of Independence contribute to the quest to end slavery?

  • I can interpret primary sources related to principles of liberty, equality, and justice in the Founding era.
  • I can create an argument using evidence from primary sources.
  • I can analyze issues in history to help find solutions to present-day challenges.

Directions: Identify the main ideas and connections to the Founding principles using the information you gathered from your assigned documents.

Document Title and Date Main ideas Connection to or Violation of Founding Principles
The Declaration of Independence as approved by the Continental Congress, 1776
Petition to the Massachusetts Legislature, January 13, 1777
Constitution of Massachusetts, 1780
Constitution of Kentucky, 1792
Elizabeth (Mumbet) Freeman portrait, 1811
Legal notes by Chief Justice William Cushing about the Quock Walker case, 1783
The Northwest Ordinance, 1787
The Southwest Ordinance, 1790
Excerpts from the U.S. Constitution, ratified 1788
Petition from the Pennsylvania Society for the Abolition of Slavery, 1790