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Glossary Organizer for Civic Virtues

Directions: Scan through the list of terms.  Circle the terms that are unfamiliar to you.  For each of those terms read the definition and highlight the keywords.  Then, use the keywords to write a definition in your own words.  Finally, draw or find an image of a real-world example to represent each term. 

Term Definition In My Words… Image of a Real-World Example
Courage The ability to take constructive action in the face of fear or danger. To stand firm as a person of character and do what is right, especially when it is unpopular or puts one at risk.
Honor Demonstrating good character and being trustworthy.
Humility A recognition that one’s ignorance is far greater than one’s knowledge. Putting others ahead of ourselves in thought, word, and deed. A willingness to give others credit and to admit when we are wrong
Justice Upholding of what is fair and right. Respecting the rights and dignity of all.
Moderation The avoidance of excess or extremes.
Prudence Practical wisdom that applies reason and other virtues to discern right courses of action in specific situations.
Respect Regard for and defending the equal rights and inherent dignity of all human beings, including oneself.
Responsibility Acting on good judgment about what is right or wrong even when it is not popular. Individuals must take care of themselves, their families, and their fellow citizens/others in civil society and a republic and be vigilant to preserve their own liberty and the liberty of others.