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Evaluation Checklist: Website or Community Education Event

Teacher Directions:

Students plan, create, and market a website or community education
event that:

  • increases awareness of the story of women’s suffrage in America.
  • informs their local community about how women have participated in public life in their area.
  • communicates their findings on participation in public life and exhorts their fellow citizens to greater involvement for the common good.
  • encourages the members of their local community to appreciate and exercise their right to vote on many local issues and in the selection of representatives.

The education project might take the form of a website, a history fair, teaching a unit to younger learners, etc. The portfolio will document student planning and progress. All materials should be completed neatly, with extra pages inserted as needed to fully document the project through photographs, videos, screenshots, etc. Students should prepare a brief presentation describing their project for a school or community audience.

☐ Portfolio Table of Contents.

☐ Students test their assumptions regarding civic participation (Handout A: Testing Assumptions).

☐ Students research participation in public life (Handout C: Indicators of Participation in Public Life).

☐ Students plan, create, and market a website or community event to educate users regarding the history of women in politics and the importance of civic virtue. (Handout D: Capstone Project Website Outline) Note: these guidelines may be adapted to help plan a history fair or other local education event.

☐ Students conduct interviews to capture personal stories regarding women’s participation in public life. (Handout E: Politics and the Women of the ______________________________ Family)

☐ Students document their work by including photos, videos, screenshots, etc. of the website or local education event.

☐ Students market and promote their website or local education event. (Handout F: Sample Website/Award Press Releases)