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Douglas MacArthur and Hubris Virtue in Action Plan

●      I can reflect on examples of hubris and how to moderate the behaviors to avoid extremes and excess.

Directions:  Review the following examples of actions or behaviors. Think about why each is or is not hubris and how moderation, the avoidance of excess or extremes, can help soften any excessive pride. Fill out the organizer with your thoughts.

Action or Behavior Is it excessive pride/hubris? Why or why not? How would you moderate the behavior?
Taking credit for someone else’s work Yes, because it is boastful to not give thanks for help you received Accept praise for a job well done, but acknowledge the contributions of others who helped you achieve something great
Bragging about your great accomplishments
Refusing to admit a mistake
Being jealous of someone else’s accomplishments
Showing poor sportsmanship
Not asking for help
Thinking you are always right
Wanting to be the center of attention