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Contribution and Benefits Launch Activity

Contribution: To discover your passions and talents, and to use them to create what is beautiful and needed. To work hard to take care of yourself and those who depend on you.

  1. Name someone who is really good at something, who works hard at it, and whose work creates something that is beautiful, needed, or beneficial to others. This might include either tangible or intangible benefits. For example, excellent filmmakers, actors, and comedians contribute valuable thoughtfulness, beauty, and levity to our culture in many ways.
  2. How does the third criteria (creates something beautiful, needed, or beneficial to others) affect how easy or difficult it is for you to respond to the question?
  3. How do other people benefit from that person’s skill, passion, and hard work (or contribution)? Complete the following information about that person, to the best of your knowledge.

Talent/Skill/Trait Priorities/Passions Benefit to Others
Write a statement about this person’s contribution to society:

With your small group: Report to your group as follows:

If the person you have identified is known to the others in your group, describe the person and his or her skills and contribution to society and let the group guess who it is. If the person is not known, name the person and report on what you have noted about that person. Discuss your responses to questions 1 through 3.

Compare the statements you wrote in the bottom row of your tables. Discuss similar themes and write a statement that sums up the ways society has benefitted from the contributions of the people named by members of your group. Write that statement below:

Select one person from your group who will share that statement with the class.